Our 2017 Annul Christmas Party last Thursday, December 7, was highlighted by the presentation of both the "Rotarian of the Year" and the "Citizen of the Year" annual awards.
We presented two "Citizen of the Year" awards this year: the first was to Kathy Laffin. Kathy is a model citizen and participant in the many important community activities of Red Cross, the Pink Ribbon Advocacy, and Free Clinc. Congratulations Kathy!
The second recipient of the "Citizen of the Year" award was Steve Schleppegrell. Steve has been a longtime member of the National Red Cross and again has made endless contributions of time and energy to support that organization and our community. Congratulations Steve!
Fellow Rotarians Steve Bowman and JT Koser were the co-recipients of this year's "Rotarian of the Year" awards.  Congratulations again to Steve and JT; we are very proud of both of you for all of your efforts and contributions over the course of this past year.