Congratulations Marlene on your "Very Successful" year as our Rotary District Governor!!
As always your term as our District Governor was exemplified by your hard work and dedication to do the best you can for Rotary and its members.
Your fellow members of Rice Lake Rotary Club #2712 members also thought we should dedicate a "Top Ten Reasons" why our District Rotary Governor was the best.
#10. Even butterflies appreciated you.
 #9. You helped deliver polio vaccine to India.
 #8. Your weekly bulletins featured our Districts' various clubs good work.
 #7. There are more "milkweeds" growing today than at any time in our history!
 #6. "GSE" stands for "Gee, She is energetic!".
 #5. Rotarians in District 5960 have benefited from "Friendship Exchanges".
 #4. If there was a Rotary meeting on the planet,you were there!
 #3. You had more good new ideas than hours in the day!
 #2. No matter the challenge..."It's OK, we can do this", was your answer.
 #1. Club #2712 was proudly presented to our District and the World!!
Congratulations on a very successful year as District Governor; we are all very proud of you!!