This week we will be using time available at our noon meeting to do some "DUCK'S Team" planning to set team goals for this last week to sign up DUCKS Sponsors.
Team Leaders should bring their "DUCKS Sponsor" lists provided earlier for 2018 and 2016 Sponsors to assist in targeting remaining "Sponsors" not yet signed up. It also would be helpful for all members to bring to the noon meeting "all sponsor forms signed to date" to help us determine where we stand against our goal. If you are not able to attend tomorrow's meeting, suggest you email your signed sponsor forms to your  team captain of to as an email attachment.
Finally, we will use remaining time to start planning your team goal/strategy/tactics to maximize your team's DUCKS ticket sales starting on May 9. The winners of this year's raffle will be drawn on Sunday, June 9 at the conclusion of the Aqua Fest parade.
This is a very important meeting; please make every effort to join us tomorrow!