This past week Bruce Goode from the Rice Lake Morning Rotary Club announced winners of this years Valentines Day Raffle.  A number of our noon club members were cash winners including Kevin Jacobson who pulled down the top cash prize of $1,000!!
$1,000  Kevin Jacobson        $50  Kathy Wellsandt               
$250    Adam Bever             $50  Jason Derousseau  
$250    Michael Rogers         $50  Sonja Wilson 
$250    Ben Beuhler             $50  Boyd Gilbertson         
$125   Bruce Mohns             $50  Greg Swanson                                             
$125   Laura Maksymkow      $50  Julie Erickson
$125   David Bridges            $50  Dallas Sloan
$125   Todd Widdes             $50  Mike VanGilder
$50  Eric Richter                   $50  Brandon Olson